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Borbala Eszteri is a Hungarian-born artist and fashion design graduate whose creative journey is a fascinating blend of art and fashion. Her artistic exploration began with model and dress sketches, eventually leading her to experiment with canvas, starting with acrylic and aquarelle techniques. In 2021, she embarked on a self-taught adventure with oil paints, further enriching her expressive palette.

Borbala’s art is a profound expression of her thoughts and emotions, guided by intuition rather than preconceived sketches. She frequently centers her work on the female form and visage, capturing their fluid, dance-like movements in timeless stillness.

Additionally, Borbala started Näda Headwear in 2023 as a side project while wanting to create wearable art pieces. She paints and sew herself unique headband and headpieces that are created in her studio in Zürich, where she currently resides.